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Bonnie Bramlett
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Delaney Bramlett
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Delaney Bramlett - Solo Albums

Delaney Bramlett was an exceptionally talented singer, song writer, arranger and producer, who spent his life making music for himself, his family and - when we were lucky - the public too. His output over 40 plus years was not that great and, partly for that reason, he spent many of these years well outside the public consciousness and even that of most music lovers.

There were other factors too: the lack of successful promotion of albums on a succession of different labels; fashions that were often at odds with Delaney's brand of American roots music, which included horns before they were widely accepted and a gospel ingredient that completed his almost unique recipe; there was a marathon battle with the bottle; and perhaps also a lack of ambition to really make it in the commercial world. It seemed there were more important things in life, like family and making music for its own sake, usually in the tiny studio at the back of Delaney's 'Rock 'N' Roll Ranch' near Hollywood.

Delaney lived with his mother until she passed away early in 2008 and Delaney himself only just made it past Christmas. "Mamo" sang on a number of Delaney's albums, as did daughter Bekka, who is now an established singer in her own right.

In the final few years of his life, Delaney began to finalise some of the many, many recordings he had accumulated in his studio. The result was a trio of albums ready to go... but sadly with time for Delaney to see only one of these released. There were some well justified great reviews and a sense that maybe proper recognition and wider enjoyment of Delaney's music would follow soon. That may still prove to be the case.

Some folks are in for a tremendous treat when they come across Delaney's exuberant, uplifting, soulful, passionate and oh-so-tasty sounds.

Delaney's special sound can also be enjoyed in sessions with numerous other artsits over the years.


Some Thing's Coming



  1. Over And Over
  2. Thank God
  3. Please Accept My Love
  4. Keep It Going
  5. Some Things Coming
  6. Down By The Riverside
  7. Sit Right Down
  8. I'm Not Your Lover, I'm Your Lovee
  9. Try A Little Harder

Delaney Bramlett, Vocals, Guitar
Joe Davis, Saxophone
Venetta Fields, Backing Vocals
Jim Gordon, Saxophone
Ron Grayson, Drums
Tim Heding, Organ
Milt Holland, Percussion
Gloria Jones, Backing Vocals
Jerry Jumonville, Saxophone
Clydie King, Backing Vocals
Darrell Leonard, Brass
Shirley Matthews, Backing Vocals
Larry Savoie, Trombone
Robert Wilson, Bass

Producer: Delaney Bramlett

Recorded in Columbia's Studio A, Holywood.

An album full of Delaney's big arrangements with horns, strings and choir. It's also full of Delaney's trademark blend of gospel, rock and soul.

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Mobius Strip album cover



  1. Are You A Beatle Or A Rolling Stone
  2. What Am I Doin' (In A Place Like This)
  3. A Young Girl (In Her Garden)
  4. Big Ol' Piece Of Blues
  5. Circles
  6. When A Man Is In Need Of A Woman
  7. I'm A M-A-N
  8. BB's Blues
  9. A Little Bit Of You In Me
  10. California Rain

Delaney Bramlett, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Bekka Bramlett, Backing Vocals (Track 10)
Michelle Bramlett, Backing Vocals (Track 10)
Susan Bramlett, Backing Vocals (Track 10)
King Ericson, Congas (Tracks 2,5,7)
Venetta Fields, Backing Vocals (Tracks 5,6)
Jim Gordon, Baritone Saxophone, Bagpipes (Track 5)
Ron Grayson, Drums
Tim Hedding, Organ
Jim Hobson, Piano
Jerry Jumonville, Tenor Saxophone
Chris King, Backing Vocals (Track 10)
Clydie King, Backing Vocals (Tracks 5,6,9)
Daryl Leonard, Trumpet
Art Munson, Guitar (Track 5)
Craig Portman, Synthesiser (Tracks 7,10)
Red Rhodes, Steel Guitar (Track 9)
Larry Savoie, Trombone
John Ussery, Guitar (Tracks 1,3,8)
Robert Wilson, Bass

Producers: Delaney Bramlett, Doug Gilmoe


A similar album to "Something's Coming" but a bit funkier, with more guitar and in "A Little Bit Of You In Me", showing that Delaney's got Country music right in his bag too. Daughter Bekka Bramlett makes her recording debut at four years old, as part of the children's choir on the final track.

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Something's Coming and Mobius Strip album cover







Tracks and contributors as shown on the above two albums.




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Giving Birth To A Song album cover



  1. Giving Birth To A Song
  2. I Get High
  3. So Much In Love
  4. My Lover's Prayer
  5. (I Wanna) Stay Home With You
  6. The Plug
  7. Nothing Without You
  8. Never No More Blues
  9. Lonesome, Long Gone, And So Long
  10. Over You
  11. I Got Away


Delaney Bramlett, Vocals, Guitar
Jim Gordon, Saxophone
Jim Hobson, Piano, Clavinet
Cole Kesler, Harmonica
Jim McGrew, Guitar
Victor Pantoja, Congas, Percussion
Stu Perry Drums, Percussion
Fred Rivera, Bass
Rick Sutherland, Organ
Nick Van Maarth, Guitar

Producer: Jimmy


Class Reunion album cover



  1. Locked Up In Alabama
  2. Everyday's A Holiday
  3. I Wish It Would Rain
  4. It's A Touchy Situation
  5. You Can't Measure My Love
  6. I Think I Got It
  7. Invitation To A Heartbreak
  8. For Old Times Sake
  9. Who You Gonna Blame It On
  10. You Were The Light

Susie Allanson, Backing Vocals
Delaney Bramlett, Vocals, Guitar
Quitman Dennis, Saxophone
Pat Erickson, Backing Vocals
Chris Ethridge, Bass
Chuck Findley, Trumpet
Jim Hobson, Keyboards
Dick "Slyde" Hyde, Trombone
Jackie Kelso, Saxophone
Clydie King, Backing Vocals
Jim Keltner, Drums
Shirley Matthews, Backing Vocals
Ollie Mitchell, Trumpet
Stu Perry, Drums
Patti Quatro, Backing Vocals
Chuck Rainey, Bass
Randy Sharp, Guitar
Rick Sutherland, Keyboards
Spider Tayler, Guitar
Mona Lisa Young, Backing Vocals

Producers: Jimmy Bowen, Ray Ruff


Despite the use of a Mowtown label, the suggestive title, a cover photo of Delaney with 'guess who?' and the endless list of friends who are thanked on the rear, this album is neither a departure towards a different kind of soul, nor a calling in of famous friends for an easy ride down memory lane. It's raw Delaney again - hooray!



Sweet Inspiration album cover



  1. Sweet Inspiration
  2. Gone
  3. Get In
  4. Things I Didn't Say
  5. Let It Rain
  6. Funky
  7. Stay
  8. I Love The Feel Of It
  9. Stay With Me
  10. Tight Rack
  11. Sweet Inspiration (alternative mix)
  12. Gone (alternative mix)
  13. Get In (alternative mix)
  14. Let It Rain (alternative mix)

Hank Barrio, Guitar
Bekka Bramlett, Backing Vocals
Delaney Bramlett, Vocals, Guitar
Kim Carmel Bramlett, Saxophone
Mike Faue, Percussion
Chuck Findley, Trumpet
John Fumo, Trumpet
Kelly McCall Fumo, Backing Vocals
Bob Gross, Bass
Clydie King, Backing Vocals
Peter Klimes, Guitar
Steve Lawrence, Saxophone
Al Lichtenstein, Drums
Spooner Oldham, Keyboards

Producer: Delaney Bramlett

Dreamsville / Sound City Music / Lemon labels

Recorded in March to June 1989 but first released in Japan in 2002. Noteable for the inclusion of an arrangement of "Let It Rain" with steel drums.



Sounds From Home album cover



  1. Funky
  2. Kiss
  3. Free
  4. Mississippi
  5. Locked Up In Alabama
  6. How Do You Know
  7. It's Over
  8. Let It Rain
  9. Kim Carmel
  10. Aidee Aidee Idee Oh!
  11. Rock-n-Roll Lane
  12. Brown Paper Bag

Susie Allanson, Backing Vocals
Hank Barrio, Guitar
Skinny Bishop, Bass (Track 7)
Bekka Bramlett, Backing Vocals
Delaney Bramlett, Vocals, Guitar
Iva Lazone Bramlett, Backing Vocals
"Thumbs" Carllile, Guitar (Tracks 5,7)
Kim Carmel-Bramlett, Vocals, Harmonica
Robert Emmet, Dunlap Guitar
Pat Erickson, Backing Vocals
Mike Faue, Percussion
Chuck Findley, Trumpet (Track 8)
Kelly McCall Fumo, Backing Vocals
Rick Geragi, Percussion
Bob Gross, Bass
Steve Hardin, Organ (Track 5)
Mark Karan, Guitar
Clydie King, Backing Vocals
Doug Lacy, Steel Drum (Track 8)
Steve Lawrence, Saxophone (Track 8)
Al Lichtenstein, Drums
Shirley Matthews, Backing Vocals
Gerry McGee, Guitar (Tracks 4,6)
Spooner, Oldham, Piano (Track 8)
Stu Perry, Drums (Track 5)
Patti Quatro, Backing Vocals
David Raven, Drums
Richie Sambora, Backing Vocals
David Scott, Keyboards
Randy Sharp, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Maia Sharp, Keyboards, Vocals
Spider Taylor, Guitar (Track 5)
Jim Unfried, Steel Drum (Track 8)
Chad Watson, Bass
Robert Willson, Bass (Track 5)
Mona Lisa Young, Backing Vocals
Hank Barrio, Guitar
Bekka Bramlett, Backing Vocals
Delaney Bramlett,  Vocals, Guitar
Kim Carmel Bramlett,  Saxophone
Mike Faue, Percussion
Chuck Findley, Trumpet
John Fumo,  Trumpet
Kelly McCall Fumo,  Backing Vocals
Bob Gross,  Bass
Clydie King,  Backing Vocals
Peter Klimes,  Guitar
Steve Lawrence,  Saxophone
Al Lichtenstein,  Drums
Spooner Oldham,  Keyboards

Producers: Delaney Bramlett, Kim Carmel Bramlett

Zane Records

Much more stripped down than ealier offerings, this represents a fine, fresh comeback into public life. Delaney pours his heart out through his song writing, singing, guitar and musical arrangements. The alternative release by DK Records came with the songs in a different order and an additional old track, "Everyday's A Holiday". Delaney at his best.

Review & samples


A New Kind Of Blues album cover



  1. What Do You Do About The Blues
  2. Cold & Hard Times
  3. Mighty Mighty Mississippi
  4. Ol' Moanin' Blues
  5. New Kind Of Blues
  6. Pontotoc
  7. Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose
  8. P.O.Box 32789
  9. Change Gonna Come
  10. I Got The Time
  11. I'm Gonna Be Ready

Magnolia Gold Records

A tremendous collection of self-penned and co-written songs (plus Sam Cooke's "Change Gonna Come") that make a worthy album to mark the end of a life spent making truly great music. Delaney goes back close to the roots for his interpretaion of the blues, with the distinctive gospel ingredient that helped make his sound so special. After all these years, Delaney still at his best!.

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Bonnie Bramlett
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