Bonnie Bramlett and Dickey BettsBonnie Bramlett, Erie 1969Bonnie Bramlett at the Greenbelt Christian music festival, England 1981Bonnie Bramlett with Mavis Staples, London 2005
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Welcome to

a place dedicated to the sweet sounds of southern sister

Bonnie Bramlett

Delaney & Bonnie

We aim to inform and enthuse!

How? By trying to document the full range of Bonnie’s recorded work over the last four decades and guiding towards the best examples of Bonnie’s distinctive contribution to what we happily (and very loosely) call "Southern" music. That's:

  • "Southern", because the main roots of Bonnie’s material and singing style clearly come from the musical traditions of the American South, be it gospel, blues, rock, soul or R&B. We know Chicago has some blues, Detroit has some soul and everywhere has some rock... but Bonnie’s variety comes mainly from the South;
  • "loosely", because of course it’s a bit wider than just that; and
  • "happily", because, well, all this kind of music makes us happy!

So, if you want to find that song you heard Bonnie sing once before, want to find more like it, or are just plain curious…. use the red buttons and album covers at the top of some pages to explore and have fun.

This site is intended to complement Bonnie's official site at Any comments on the content or views expressed here are very welcome: please email

Addional material on Delaney Bramlett's recordings can also be accessed via the Delaney & Bonnie page.

Bonnie Bramlett with Stephen Stills
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